Judith Needham-Penrose PhD, LMFT

Judith Needham-Penrose is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a Doctorate in Psychology and Organizational Systems from Saybrook Graduate and Research Institute.

She has been practicing as a clinical therapist since January 1986 and specializes in relationship issues, traumatic life experiences, from divorce to death through illness or tragedy, as well as mediation/conflict resolution for churches and other Christian organizations. In addition to her clinical work, she served for 16 years as a professor and the Director of the Department of Marriage, Family and Child Counseling at Western Seminary in Santa Clara, CA. She continues to serve at Western as an adjunct professor, specializing in group therapy. For many years prior, she served as an adjunct professor at Fuller Seminary (Pasadena CA) and Azusa Pacific University in their graduate schools of Psychology. She has taught and trained therapists, clergy and laity in family therapy in many foreign countries including Russia, Kazakhstan, Singapore and Thailand.



“When members of the Home Church can benefit from family and/or marriage counseling, I am confident in my recommendation to have them see a remarkable Christian counselor, Dr. Judi Needham-Penrose. Having a wide range of counseling experience as well as life experience, she engages those she counsels with care and thoughtfulness. She is a compassionate listener and counsels with effectiveness. I’m particularly pleased with the way Judi assists families in seeking solutions from a Godly perspective.”

Pastor Mike Kiley, Senior Pastor Home Church, Campbell, CA


“As a pastor, I have enjoyed partnering with Dr. Judith Needham-Penrose for several years. Judith is an excellent therapist with a Christ-centered approach to helping others. When I am considering a referral, Judith is often the very first therapist on my list.”

Dr. Mark Mitchell, Lead Pastor Central Peninsula Church, San Mateo, CA




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